'सुदूर पश्चिमको आर्थिक विकासको सहयात्री'

Kanchan Development Bank
Kanchan Development Bank
Kanchan Development Bank
Kanchan Development Bank
Kanchan Development Bank
Kanchan Development Bank
Kanchan Development Bank
Kanchan Development Bank
Kanchan Development Bank

Welcome to Our Website

Who We Are ?

Kanchan Development Bank Ltd. has been established for the delivery of comprehensive banking services to the esteemed customers by the collective efforts of entrepreneurs from tourism sector, professors, professional bankers, pioneer of cooperative movement, doctors, engineers, advocates and other professionals with excellent track record and high social profile. Kanchan Development Bank Ltd. is a public limited Development Bank. It is managed by a group of well experienced and professional managers having excellent leadership quality. . We are fully committed to glorify our corporate slogan “Sudurpaschim ko Arthik Bikas ko Sahayatri”. Kanchan Development Bank Ltd. was established on 2066/04/09 with head office at Bhimdutta Nagar Palika Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur as a public limited company with limited liability on shares under Company Act 2063 with Regd.No.:1159/066/067. The company received approval from the NRB for commencement of banking operation on o1/06/2066 and operation started on 03/06/2066.

Mission & Vision Our MISSION & VISION

Our Mission :

To be a trustworthy partner for the progress of all the stakeholders by designing, producing and delivering the best financial solutions in Far western region.

Our Vision :

To be one of the leading Development Bank in far-western region through proper operational excellence and financial services that caters to the need of customer.

  • To secure the valuable capital of our customers with special emphasis on customer care and convenience.
  • To render banking services through investment of collective saving in different sectors.
  • To contribute to the economic growth of the society and nation by creating opportunities.
  • To enhance trust and relationship with the customers by incorporating high degree of professionalism.
  • To behave ethically and contribute towards the improvement of quality of life of our people, the community and greatly the society, of which we are an integral part.

Regarding technology the company has installed well-known banking software “Pumori Plus IV” developed by Mercantile Office System (MOS) Nepal and has already computerized all its transaction through the software, KDBL ATM debit card facility for its valued customers and Mobile banking. We are linking the software to start ABBS between all branches and head office to facilitate our customers of Kailali, Kanchanpur, & Dadeldura, which are to be opened in the near future.


Message from the Chairman

Shiva Singh Kari, Chairman “Namaste” First of all, I would greet & welcome you on behalf of “Kanchan Development Bank Ltd.” which is your Partner and friendly Bank in total solution of your Banking needs & prosperity. We fondly treasure and hold our slogan - “Sudoor Pashim Ko Arthik Bikash Ko Sahayatri”. In recent time number of Banks have established and continued to open throughout the country but unfortunately majority of rural population are still deprived and out of reac ...

Shiva Singh Karki, Chairman

Message from the CEO

Biruram Jaishi, CEO Dear Stakeholders, Kanchan Development Bank Ltd. (KDBL) has come up with a plan to provide all kinds of banking service to the people of Far Western Region. We are committed to mobilize the local resources for the development of our own region. As per our objectives i.e. “Join Our Hands Together For Economic Development” We are very much interested to join our hands with all individuals, business firms & companies, different social and ethnic groups, school, college and instit ...

Biruram Jaishi, CEO