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Syllabus for Junior Assistant

Syllabus: Written Examination for Open Competition
Post: Junior Assistant
Course Outline:

The test paper will be of 2.5 hours written examination.The paper will be divided into two groups, Group A and Group B. Group A will consist of 20 multiple choice questions, carrying 2 marks each (all questions should be answered) and Group B will consist of 6 long questions, carrying 10 marks each (all questions should be answered either in English or Nepali language).

Full Marks: 100                          Pass Marks: 50                          Time: 2.5 hours
Group A
General Knowledge and Current Affairs

Multiple Choice (Objective) Questions: (20 X 2 = 40)
1. General knowledge on Geography, History, Economy, Socio‐cultural and Political status of Nepal.
2. Banking history of Nepal, Current status of Banks and Financial institutions in Nepal.
3. Bank and Financial institution Act 2063.
4. Company Act, 2063.
5. Mathematics

Group B
Banking, Management Accounting and Customer Handling

Long (Subjective) Questions: (6 X 10 = 60)
1. Role and Functions of Central Bank (Nepal Rastra Bank) and Commercial Bank.
2. Book Keeping and Accounting: Objective, Scope, Function; Double Entry System.
3. Cheque, Draft and Bill Collection: Definition, Types, Handling and Reconciliation.
4. Balance Sheet: Nature, Purpose and its presentation.
5. Letter and Memo Writing, Filing, Indexing.
6. Computer Introduction: Windows, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, MIS.
7. Banking Offence and Punishment Act, 2064.
8. Anti Money Laundering Act, 2064.
9. Management: Concept, Principles and Functions.