'सुदूर पश्चिमको आर्थिक विकासको सहयात्री'

Service Charges



Section 1: Customer Services:


  1. Issuance of Balance Certificate:


       Individual/ Companies & Institutions

Free once a year for audit purpose. For re-confirmation, NPR *500-1000 per request.

  1. Cheque Book:


       Cheque Book issuance


      Cheque book issued against lost cheque Book

NPR 100 for cheque book of upto 10 leaves.

      Cheque book charge against uncollected  Books

NPR 200 if cheque book is not collected within 90 days and cheque books to be destroyed thereafter.

     Cheque return lack of fund


  1. Account Statement


      Saving Account

Free of cost for one time. NPR  50 per statement for duplicate statements.

     Current/Call Account

Free of cost for one time. NPR  50 per statement for duplicate statements.

  1. Clearing Cheque Processing Charge


           Outward Local currency clearing cheque    processing charge for aboveRs. 2 Lakh


NPR 30 or as per NCHL

        Express clearing cheque processing charge

NPR 100

  1. Account Close Charge


  1. Duplicate issuance of fixed deposit receipt

Rs.100 flat

  1. Withdrawal slip/counter cheque issuance charge


Section 2 : Cash, Cheque & Remittances



2.1) Manager’s Cheque issuance for Loan disbursement


2.1) Manager’s Cheque issuance

NPR 500 per cheque.


NPR 100 per instruction. (other standard charges product wise as applicable)

2.3) Stop payment Request –Cheque

NPR 50 per instruction. Multiple cheques in a range in one instruction will be treated as single instruction.

2.4) Cheques certified “Good for payment”

NPR 500

2.5) Cancellation of“Good for payment”

NPR 250

2.6) Any Branch Banking (ABBS)-Cash Withdrawal & Deposit from/to branches of KDBL.

Free up to transition of NPR 500,000.

0.05 % or minimum NPR 100 for transition above NPR 100,000.

Free for loan accounts.

2.7) Remittance:Inward


2.8) Remittance:Outward

As per agreement

2.9) Fund transfer ( Non account holder)

0.25% or Rs. 100 whichever higher

2.10) Transfer to another bank(If beneficiary is other bank customer)

0.25% or Rs. 200 whichever higher

Section 3: ATM/Debit Card& Mobile Banking


3.1) Card Renewal

NPR 200

3.2) Replacement of lost/Damaged Card

NPR 200

3.3) Replacement of Pin

NPR 150 or As per SCT Charge

3.4) ATM Card Block Fee/Unblock


3.5)Cash withdrawal Fee

a. Free on KDBL’s ATM

b. NPR 25.00 on SCT Member Bank’s ATM

3.6) Balance inquiry Fee

a. Free on KDBL’s ATM

b. NPR 3.00 on SCT Member Bank’s ATM

3.7) Mobile banking

a. per year per account NPR 100 (Normal)

b. Per year per account NPR 200 (with SMS alert)

c. Yearly Renewal  NPR 150 (With SMS Alert)

Section 4: Off balance fee:


4.1) Guarantees:


       Bid Bond

0.8 % to 1.0% per annum.

      Performance Bond

1.00% to 2.00% per annum.

      Advance Payment Guarantee

1.5 % to 2.00% per annum.

       Financial guarantee

1.5 % to 2.00% per annum.

Section 5: Credit:


5.1) Loan Service Charges

1% to 1.25%

5.2) Loan swap charges

1.00% to 2.00%

5.3) Credit information inquiries

NPR 500 per inquiry

5.4) CICL (KarjaSuchanakendra Ltd) Charges

Rs 250 per report without transaction and Rs 550.00 per report with

transaction or as per charge changes by KSKL

5.5) Loan administrative  fee

0.25% to 0.50%

5.6) Commitment fee

0.25% committed unutilized loan amount