'सुदूर पश्चिमको आर्थिक विकासको सहयात्री'

Education Loan

This facility can be used by students to pursue and fulfill the dream of further studies in Nepal or abroad.

Interest Rate : 13.00% to 17.00% per annum

Required Documents:

  • Citizenship of applicant.
  • PP size Photographs of applicant.
  • Certified income source.
  • Mortgage of the property.
  • Personal guarantee of either both parent or guardian
  • Citizenship & PP size photograph of personal guarantor.
  • Academic certificates .etc.
  • Document evidencing confirmation of admission from the relevant college.
  • Documents evidencing cost to be incurred for completion of course
  • Copy of VISA (where applicable).

Fees & Charges:

  • Service Charge - 1.5% to 2.00 %
  • Documentation Charge- Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2000
  • CIC Charge
    • Rs. 250 per inquiry(For No Transaction Report)
    • Rs. 550 per inquiry (For Transaction Report)